Program Update: NASA DSI PDR Passed

We’re excited to have passed the preliminary design review (PDR) milestone in our work developing the digital subsystem to run Aloft Sensing, Inc.‘s embedded PNT algorithm. Now it’s time to start implementing!

In phase 1, we’ll build out the signal processing FPGA firmware, validating it first through simulation and then running on evaluation hardware. After that, we’ll design custom hardware.

This effort is funded under NASA’s Decadal Survey Incubator (DSI) Program with the overall objective of developing, implementing, and demonstrating a hardware module that captures and digitally processes radar pulses to establish the precise relative positioning and timing of a sensor within a distributed sensing architecture such that coherent image alignment for interferometrics can readily occur and high-quality products can be achieved.

You can learn more about the objectives in the award announcement from NASA and by following our partner in the program Aloft Sensing.

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