2022 Mid-Year Update

It’s been a busy year with many customer deliveries on the books, here are a few highlights:

1. FPGA-based digital transceiver for the Water Sounding Short-Range Radar (WASSR) program, delivered in January 2022 (and pictured below) // Program PI: Ken Cooper

2. Firmware, software and an on-site demo of an FPGA-based proof-of-concept digital backend system in support of the Continuity Microwave Limb Sounder (CMLS) program, delivered in July 2022 // Program PI: Nathaniel Livesey

3. Test planning, test automation and data processing for RF hardware requirement verification in support of the Radar for Europa Assessment and Sounding: Ocean to Near-surface
(REASON) instrument, delivered in January 2022 // Technical PoC: Harry Figueroa

4. Firmware for an FPGA-based digital receiver to enhance StormQuant‘s ground-based weather radar offerings, delivered in May 2022 // Technical PoC: Bradley Isom

And there are many more exciting deliveries on the horizon… it’s a big year here at WSR!

Contract Award: JPL CIMR/CRISTAL Programs

June 22, 2022 – Wide Swath Research was awarded a contract by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to design an engineering model (EM) for the Spectrometer Digital Backend (DBE) suitable for both Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR) and Copernicus Polar Ice and Snow Topography Altimeter (CRISTAL) programs.

Below are links with details on each program:

Once again, we’re very excited to be contributing to such important science!