2022 Mid-Year Update

It’s been a busy year with many customer deliveries on the books, here are a few highlights:

1. FPGA-based digital transceiver for the Water Sounding Short-Range Radar (WASSR) program, delivered in January 2022 (and pictured below) // Program PI: Ken Cooper

2. Firmware, software and an on-site demo of an FPGA-based proof-of-concept digital backend system in support of the Continuity Microwave Limb Sounder (CMLS) program, delivered in July 2022 // Program PI: Nathaniel Livesey

3. Test planning, test automation and data processing for RF hardware requirement verification in support of the Radar for Europa Assessment and Sounding: Ocean to Near-surface
(REASON) instrument, delivered in January 2022 // Technical PoC: Harry Figueroa

4. Firmware for an FPGA-based digital receiver to enhance StormQuant‘s ground-based weather radar offerings, delivered in May 2022 // Technical PoC: Bradley Isom

And there are many more exciting deliveries on the horizon… it’s a big year here at WSR!

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