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Contract Award: Medical Imaging Radar

November 8, 2022 – For the first time ever, WSR will be applying our remote sensing capabilities in the medical field. We were recently awarded a contract to design and prototype a digital subsystem for a novel medical device. Unfortunately, we can’t disclose much more than that at the request of our confidential customer, but it’s exciting to use our digital radar tech in new and interesting ways! 

Also, this picture is just a stock photo and has nothing to do with what we’re building ūüôā

Contract Award: NASA Decadal Survey Incubator

August 23, 2022 – Wide Swath Research is excited to be working with¬†Aloft Sensing, Inc.¬†as a co-investigator on “Embedded PNT Module for Distributed Radar Sensing” a program recently awarded by NASA’s ESTO office as a part of its 2021 Decadal Survey Incubation Program (DSI-21). To learn more about the program objectives, take a look at¬†NASA’s award announcement (linked below).¬†

The next next few years are going to be a lot of fun!

Contract Award: JPL VISAR Onboard Processor

August 1, 2022 – Wide Swath Research was awarded a contract by¬†NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory¬†to develop the firmware for the Venus Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (VISAR) onboard processor. We’re very excited to contribute to this important science, to play a part in the international development team and to have our footprint on a Venus mission!

VISAR is one of the instruments on the upcoming Venus Emissivity, Radio science, InSAR, Topography, And Spectroscopy (VERITAS) mission.

Oh yeah… and we’re also excited to work with some former colleagues like¬†Ernie Chuang¬†(and maybe even¬†Dragana Perkovic-Martin)

Contract Award: JPL CIMR/CRISTAL Programs

June 22, 2022 – Wide Swath Research was awarded a contract by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to design an engineering model (EM) for the Spectrometer Digital Backend (DBE) suitable for both Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR) and Copernicus Polar Ice and Snow Topography Altimeter (CRISTAL) programs.

Below are links with details on each program:

Once again, we’re very excited to be contributing to such important science!